Taxation in Ten Western Countries ...or how much you pay depending on where you live

How countries get their money?

They're many ways in which the states get the money. But one of the most important is the personal taxation. The map below considers the income tax and social security contributions for single individual without children at income level of the average worker. Click on the colored countries or on the left item list to show more information (2011 data).

Taxes in western countries

The bar diagram below shows the same values than the map. The more you decrease in the taxation amount, the more clear is the bars color tone (2011 data).

Evolution of personal taxes over five years

This graphic compares the evolution of the total personal taxes over a half decade (2006-2010) in the ten selected countries, as a percentage of the GDP. Note that if you click the series bullets you can hide/show the line for each country. Thus, you can realize comparisons between any countries you want.

But, which sectors are contributing more...?

A simple comparison of personal taxes along the countries is not yet enough. This hides the fact that a country taxation is not a raw data. On the contrary, taxation comes from different social and economic sectors, and the weight of them in an economy depends on policies and expresses a concrete kind of convictions and political points of view. The graph shows different sectors contribution in relative percentages. Note that you can compare two or more countries by clicking the series bullets. This show/hides the selected countries in the bar graph.

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